Tentacles For Two

Another Illustration Friday challenge, turned into something rather hilarious. I like how their expressions turned out - his sort of blank with disbelief, and her "Hey, it's cool! Totally cool!" look, as dinner tries to eat her arm. Heh. I'd like to point out for posterity that the guy has dark hair. If you look around my gallery, you'll see that I tend to draw blond guys more often than not. I don't know why that is, yet there you have it.

I've been trying to do more finished works, and by that I mean that they have actual backgrounds, not just something lame I threw together in Photoshop. I think I'm getting better at it, but I still need more practice. The fake perpective on this one turned out okay, so I just need to keep plugging along.

Ink, Photoshop
March 24-25, 2006