Deborah Lippmann Dupes

Known Deborah Lippmann Dupes and suggestions to create your own where possible. 

Deborah Lippmann polishes are super awesome! It is also fun to hunt down dupes (since, let’s face it: DL Polishes are $$$) – here’s a list of what I’ve found so far…

Do you have a dupe or know of one? Let me know in the comments! A big thank you to all the contributors so far!

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List updated 11/20/13

DL POLISH DUPE or similar
Glitter in the Air Revlon: Whimsical*
Tony Moly GS08 (Korean Brand – Thanks, Elizabeth!)

Skin Food Green Tea Shake (Korean Brand – Thanks, Elizabeth!)
Ruby Red Slippers Wet N Wild: Behind Closed Doors (LE from the 2011 On the Prowl Collection)
Spoiled: Ants in My Pants*

Etude House – Trouble Maker PBK 801 (Korean Brand – Thanks, Elizabeth!)

NYX Dark Glitter (NPS 217)

Candy Shop Claire’s: Candy Shop*
Urban Outfitters: Lollipop (Thanks Katie!)

Forever 21: Pink Icing 

Bad Romance Revlon: Scandalous*
Stairway to Heaven China Glaze: SnowglobeIcing: Call Me Glitzy*

Revlon: Heavenly* (This one is dead on)

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure: Snow Globe (Thanks Leshy!)

Urban Outfitters: Unicorn (Thanks Leshy!)

Happy Birthday Milani: Gems
Icing: Birthday Be-yotch*

Ulta: Pinata-yada*

Nicole by OPI: Wear Something Spar-Kylie

Wet N Wild: Party of Five Glitters (Thanks Kaitlyn!)

…lots more

Forget You Use a jelly black base and any Happy Birthday dupe
Today Was A Fairytale* Essie: Set In Stones
Urban Outfitters: Dust
Some Enchanted Evening Essie: A Cut Above (similar not exact dupe)
Revlon: Sparkling*
NYX Pink Sapphire (NPS 260)
Superstar Wet N Wild: Cougar Attack (LE from the 2011 On the Prowl Collection)
Spoiled: Cougar Attack (CVS)*

Nina Ultra Pro: Call the Coppers*

Swagga Like Us* Sally Hansen Lustre Chrome: Plume*
Maybelline Color Show: 715 Boho Gold (LE)

JulieG: You-niverse

NOTE: the following are similar but not exact dupes for SLU. SLU is a bit more golden than green but shares the same type of duochrome qualities.

OPI: Just Spotted the Lizard*

Chanel: Peridot

Across the Universe* Icing: Hey Sailor Boy*
Essence: Blue Addicted (Thanks Christine!)

Jordana: Carnival

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure: 560 Mermaid’s Tale*

Mermaid’s Dream* Urban Outfitters: Sea Dust*
Charlotte Russe/Love, Charlotte: Unnamed (excellent dupe)*
Revlon Parfumerie: Wintermint
Fing’rs: Mint Condition
Sally Girl: Brainy
Sugar Daddy* China Glaze: Swanky Silk*
Maybelline Color Show: 720 Pink Cosmo (LE Fall 2012)

Nail’s Inc: Stratford

Dancing in the Dark Sally Hansen: Glitz Gal (Gem Crush Collection)*
China Glaze: Some Like It Haute

Wet N Wild: Diamond In The Rough (LE)

Wet N Wild Fergie Collection: Rock ‘n Roll

Nails Inc.: Sloane Square

Flash Dance* Nails Inc: Bloomsbury Square (Thanks ClaireB!)
SinfulColors: Star Dust* (This is not exact as it’s got a purple jelly base and doesn’t have quite the same amount of glitter, but over a purple base, this is a very affordable alternative, I mean, for $2!)
Moon Dance (from the Rock This Town Christmas Collection)* OPI: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (James Bond Collection)*
Ray of Light Urban Outfitters: Mystic (Thanks Rebecca!) (I don’t have this one but I’ve seen it at UO and it looks really close.)
Lady Sings the Blues* Revlon: Midnight Sparkle* (LE, Holiday 2012, still floating around drugstores if you’re lucky as of 3/1/13) (Thanks Leshy!) (This one is very close though the blues don’t quite match; DL:LStB leans a hair more purple.)
Shake Your Money Maker Hard Candy: Emerald’s Eve. Not quite a dupe, the DL has a tinted base, but these bad boys are so similar in every other regard that it hardly matters.

* I own these DLs/dupes.

18 Replies to “Deborah Lippmann Dupes”

  1. I just discovered that there is an Across the Universe dupe by  Essence "Blue Addicted"  I'm still trying to figure out where to get it (though I do see it listed on ebay).   Revlon Sparkling is also another dupe for Some Enchanted Evening.

  2. Here are a couple of recent dupes I've heard of:

    Lippmann Ray of Light= Urban Outfitters Mystic

    Stairway to Heaven= Urban Outfitters Unicorn, Revlon Heavenly, Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Snow Globe

    Moon Dance= Zoya Fei Fei, Sinful Colors Winter Wonder (Limited Edition Winter Collection)

    Lady Sings the Blues= Revlon Midnight Sparkle (LE Holiday Collection)

    Boom Boom Pow= Revlon Sequins (LE Holiday Collection)

  3. I purchased a polish today from Urban Outfitters called Lollipop which I think is very close to Candy Shop

  4. There’s a Korean Brand called Etude House that has a Ruby Red Slippers dupe called “Trouble Maker” (PBK 801), that can be easily and relatively cheaply bought off the internet.

  5. There are also 2 different Korean dupes of Glitter in the Air:
    Tony Moly GS08
    Skin Food Green Tea Shake

  6. There’s a polish I bought in the spring from Urban Outfitters. It’s called Bright Lights. I’t’s not necessarily a dupe for DL Glitter In the Air but it’s definitely a similar alternative (and more affordable at only $5!).I actually think it’s prettier. If you’re looking for something like Glitter In the Air but with a bit more glitter and oomph, go for this one 🙂

  7. Thank you so much for making this wonderful list! I crave DL polishes so badly but the price tag is just such a turn-off. Well done on listing the dupes 🙂

  8. Hi, just like to add, there’s a Pure Ice dupe of Lady Sings the Blues called “French Twist”, though it’s from Dec 2012 and is apparently a limited edition.

  9. I believe there is a candy shop dupe in the sally girl line at sally beauty supply, i just cant remember the name!

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