My Collection

If you’re curious about what’s in my nail polish stash…


It’s updated as of 5/31/13.

Yes, I have 600+ nail polishes. It’s probably time for a cull, Y/N…? (N)

Haha, but seriously. Last year (2012) was the year of MUST BUY ALL THE POLISHES as my collection swelled from around 20 in August 2011 to the monstrous spreadsheet above. Not gonna lie, this has been super fun! And now I’m dabbling in acquiring some indie polishes, yikes!

So that’s the collection! Here’s where I keep them:

Nail Polish Melmers + Algots from Ikea! My favorite closet! Yay space for linens!
Nail Polish Melmers + Algots from Ikea! My favorite closet!

Basically, like many nail polish collectors hoarders aficionados, I have utilized Melmers from Michaels to store my polishes in.  (Melmers: like Helmers from Ikea, but from Michael’s… therefore, Melmers. I would have got a Helmer but I have no place to put it, also I seriously injured myself putting together the one I do own for my beads, heh)

Also, my Nail Polish Guy™ gave me a nice OPI holder, I will have to take a picture of that, too.

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  1. I keep them in two drawer compartments (six drawers total) in a closet. They don’t actually take up that much room! 🙂

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