Now that Game of Thrones is over for possibly two years (NOOOO) I must find something else to watch. Hardly anything new starting this fall interests me so I’ve been looking at Netflix and saw they had the first season of Riverdale. Out of bored curiosity I thought I’d try it out and wound up really enjoying it.

It’s a “dark reimagining” (aren’t they all) of the Archie comics which was actually the reason I first ignored it. I mean, how do you update Betty, Veronica, and Jughead (lol) for a modern audience? Well, they managed it! Also I was kind of sold when Luke Perry showed up as Archie’s dad (that makes me feel old though…)

Anyway, it was totally Twin Peaks meets Dawson’s Creek and if that sounds like your jam, you’ll probably like this show. It’s only 13 eps so not a huge time commitment.

The only other thing I’m excited about for the fall season is the return of The Good Place which is about a group of four recently deceased people learning to navigate the afterlife. After the season finale I was pretty stoked to see what they would do for the second season and the first episode which aired this week did not disappoint!

Also who doesn’t love Ted Danson?? Anyway, this show is smarter than you would think and the writing is very clever. I really enjoy it. You can watch this on Hulu.


Hidden Figures – loved this movie! Was a moving portrayal of the super smart black women of NASA who helped work to get mankind up into space through math, engineering, and computer programming. All the performances were stellar (hah) and it was *mostly* accurate according to Wikipedia.

La La Land – when this first came out I did NOT understand the love lavished upon this movie. And now having watched it I do NOT understand the love lavished on this movie. It is so, so mediocre and I truly believe that Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling’s singing voices should have been dubbed (I felt this way about Emma Watson’s in Beauty & the Beast, too). Full of Hollywood navel-gazing I’m not super surprised that critics liked it, but it was not worthy of all the attention. That being said, I was charmed by it by the end. So, I didn’t hate it. πŸ˜›



Haven’t been listening to too much lately but traffic has been absolutely abysmal in the mornings so I’ve been listening to the Nerdist PodcastΒ which tends to run longer than some of my other choices:

  • Episode 888: Damon Lindelof – writer on Lost and the Leftovers. I still hate the ending of Lost with the fiery passion of approximately 10,000 burning suns but he was an engaging guest on the show and it was a good listen.
  • Episode 890: James Van Der Beek – what is this my second reference to Dawson’s Creek in this post? Why yes it is. Turns out JVDB is kind of an insightful dude.
  • Episode 896: Michael Cudlitz – character actor known for Southland and the Walking Dead (He’s my favorite character actor at the moment – loved his work on Southland and was excited to see him on Walking Dead). This was a fun episode to listen to because he has been in a LOT of shows.
  • Episode 899: Dominic Monaghan – everybody’s favorite hobbit
  • Episode 901: Tatiana Maslany – star of Orphan Black. She strikes me as a huge dork and that’s a compliment.


Hey look, I knit something! This is the Wonder Woman Wrap by Carissa Browning.

I must confess that while I have liked Wonder Woman since I was a kid, I have never been particularly interested in the comics or anything and have not seen the new movie yet. I’m also sort of tired of pop culture so knitting what is essentially a big comic book character logo is not anything I would have foreseen myself doing six months ago.

HOWEVER… I am interested in the construction of things and the construction of this baffled me as it uses short rows to do the shaping. So I wanted to knit it to see how it worked. The pattern is free and I happened to have some elderly Shibui Sock in my stash that would work (I don’t think they even make Shibui Sock anymore, that’s how long it’s been in my stash) so I impulsively cast on.

It took me about a month of just knitting on it during the weekends, but I finished last weekend, blocked it, and now it’s done. The construction is very clever for that middle yellow stripe. Those were my favorite things to knit, even though one of them is all purling.

It blocked out much bigger and is over six feet long tip to tip.

It turned out great! And it’s nice to actually finish a project for once. I haven’t been doing too much of that lately. :/


Last week I had a series of bad luck events that culminated in spending around $1.6k on a new water heater and – most unfortunately – on a new floor underneath the water heater. πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

Here is the sequence of events:

  1. Had to call the sheriff’s department Saturday morning to report an alarm going off at my neighbor’s house… alarm woke me up at like 7:15 a.m. and didn’t turn off for over an hour. I was very sad as this prevented me from sleeping in. However, silver lining – was up early enough in the morning to go to the oft-too-crowded grocery store (Sprouts – the parking there is atrocious) without incident
  2. <redacted extended family matter>
  3. Sunday evening I was in the master bathroom puttering around and heard water running. The water heater is next to the bathroom in a closet that opens on the outside of the house. I checked the bathroom faucets and was like, ohhhh…. nooooooo. And went outside and looked in the closet and sure as shit, the water heater was leaking from the top and the whole floor was flooded about an inch. There was a drain and the water was going out there but everything was wet. FROWNY FACE. I turned the water off to the house to stop the leak and there wasn’t much else I could do besides go drown my sorrows in pizza and discuss the <redacted extended family matter> with my mom.
  4. The next day the plumbers came out and removed the water heater. Advised that the floor was ruined so they couldn’t install the new heater. Which was sitting in my carport. So we stowed the new heater in my shed for the time being while I started to call around to see if one of my maintenance guys could replace the floor. The plumbers restored water to the house, but only cold. This meant that I could do laundry, shower, flush, etc. but no hot water and no dishwasher, which runs off the hot water line. SORROW AND DISMAY
  5. Was able to schedule the maintenance company for Friday.
  6. Friday morning discovered a broken mirror in one of my eyeshadow pallets. Could this be the source of my misery??Β 
  7. Was stuck at work till almost 7 on Friday completing a project. While finishing it up, my guy called to let me know that the floor work was done. Yay!
  8. Got home and admired the new plywood floor. The old one was MDF. Who does that???! Particle board underneath a water heater? WTF.
  9. Unfortunately, they called too late to schedule the plumber, so on Monday morning called and they were able to get out that afternoon. I had already missed a bunch of work (it felt like… only like 3 hours) due to this so I had my mom meet them out there and they were able to install.
  10. While my mom was at my house she cleaned my whole kitchen. Moms are amazing!

So, I’m back up and running with hot water and ran the dishwasher and had a couple of warm showers (I was starting to get used to the cold showers… TBH my hair LOVED this – so shiny looking!). Last night I partially cleaned out the fridge… the garbage can was too small to hold it all so that project is on hold till next week. I’m starting the big spring cleaning project I didn’t have energy for in the spring.

This upcoming weekend I have 2.5 days off and to myself (office closes at 1 on Friday and I have absolutely no plans, hurrah!) so I shall try to not be a complete hobo and keep up with my projects. I pulled out the binding machine the other night with the plan to bind a couple of knitting pattern ebooks I purchased.

I also think I may be mentally ready to tackle the studio.