Today I had to go to Brentwood so since I had to waste gas ($3.81/gal at the “cheap” Chevron station! WTF?) to drive twenty miles to get there, I stopped at the Michael’s in Antioch (at the Bypass and Lone Tree) and hit the motherlode. They’re having a pretty big sale – most things are 2/$5 or 2/$3, and the strand beads are 25% off.


(Click to embiggen)

I don’t think the local Michael’s has the new stuff (the PH Michael’s is slow on the uptake and always has been; their buyer must not be on the ball – but the Antioch one is pretty good), so if you happen to be in Antioch, check it out. They had a ton of new Blue Moon charms and stuff, and new beads from the same brand that does their strand beads.

OH AND THAT REMINDS ME: At JoAnn’s in Park ‘N Shop, check out their strand beads – a lot of them are on clearance, including ALL of the resin. So pop over there and snag some beads, most strands are $1.97. (But some are not, so be careful what you grab.)

Um, now that I’ve promoted capitalism and blatant consumerism I’m done for the day.

(Oh and did you hear Magknits shut down? Sounds like a kerfuffle to me… Good thing I printed off the sock patterns I wanted from them.)

PR on Lifetime?

Tim Gunn Doesn’t Know What Is Going On

Have you heard? Project Runway is moving to Lifetime.

I feel like I am being punk’d, except that April Fools was last week.

It seems a weird move, from Bravo to Lifetime (especially given Bravo’s gay-friendly network, not that Lifetime is unfriendly) but then you have to realize that PR is produced by the Weinstein Company, and let’s face it, the Weinsteins are a couple of asshats.


On the other hand, maybe three seasons of PR this year! I wouldn’t object to that, no way.

I do actually work on things

I don’t just buy yarn, I actually use it, too:

Berry Nice Sock

I am still really enjoying how the Felici is working out. AND if you look at the sock carefully, you’ll notice that through the grace of the gods, the heel worked itself out so that it used an entire color repeat – so the repeat on the leg/foot wasn’t broken. AMEN. The fabric is very nice as well – but I think you might run into some problems if you used larger needles than US 1.

I finished one Spey Valley for the March Sock Project Sock:

Spey Valley

I like the pattern, and I like the Plymouth Happy Feet yarn, but the two don’t go together very well – only because you can’t see the pretty texture pattern on the leg. I’ll certainly make a second one because I like how the first sock turned out, ultimately. And the Happy Feet is a cheap sock yarn to experiment with.

For the April Sock: Waving Lace Socks from Interweave Knits’ Favorite Socks!

I will fully admit to cheating when I picked this pattern for the April sock. Also I will fully admit to being completely arbitrary in regards to my Sock Project – I am just picking sock patterns on a whim at this point. Heh.

I picked the Waving Lace Sock for a very good reason:

Waving Lace Socks

I have less than one sock to knit, as I made the other sock and the cuff of the second late last year. I need to finish these in two weeks. I forgot how quick a pattern it is once you get going. I knit half a repeat last night while watching NUMB3RS. I also plan on making another pair of these out of the nice dark turquoise Shibui Sock I have. This is a great pattern, and I think along with the Monkey pattern is the pattern I’ve used multiple times (well and my now standard 3×1 rib sock, but whatever).

I have managed to go a week without buying any yarn. Partly because my car is in the shop having some scheduled maintenance and an oil change and I didn’t know how much that would cost (less than I thought!). Also dudes, I have a lot of sock yarn. Like, enough for years worth of socks. (And yet: I’d still like to get my hands on some Wollmeise! And more blue and yellow yarn in general! Maybe some purple! *slaps self*)

Anyway, today I am wearing my old Regia Crazy Color socks and may I just say that they have worn quite well. They are a couple years old at this point, and have held up beautifully through many washings and dryings.


I just finished reading the new Dresden Files book, Small Favor. I really like Jim Butcher’s writing, and I pretty much love the Dresden Files, so I was quite pleased with this latest installment. (My favorite is still the first one I ever read, Dead Beat, simply because Harry necromances a dinosaur in the grand finale. Heh.)

I’ve had okay luck at the library lately – discovered Shirlee Busbee’s historical romances, which are well written and interesting (a feat unto themselves, god.), read a bit of Tanith Lee’s Paradys cycle, though it was a little too gothic for me. Now that I’ve read ten billion books, I’ve come to discover that I do, in fact, have discerning taste in stuff. Imagine!