FASHION FRIDAY: Things I don’t have but would like to have

  1. Black boyfriend cardigan, preferably with 3/4 length sleeves. I just cannot find what I’m looking for – may be forced to make it.
  2. Black open-front cardigan
  3. Something lumberjack-ish. I have been toying with weaving a big blanket scarf for myself. We’ll see. If I could find a cute top I would get that too. I love the plaid, just haven’t really found something that I love.
  4. Giants t-shirt. I have an A’s shirt but somehow have not managed to acquire a Giants shirt. Not for lack of trying. I’m also considering knitting an orange and black striped sweater because apparently I am insane.
  5. Turquoise flats. Still haven’t got myself some, if you can believe it. I want to check Kohl’s to see what they might have. DSW didn’t have any.
I don’t do a lot of clothes shopping these days. One of the things that I think is important to consider when you’re investing time and money into something is: do you love it? If you only like it, or it’s just okay, then you probably shouldn’t buy it. So I shall continue my two year quest for the perfect black cardigan that doesn’t rip in the washer (I’m looking at you, Target and Gap cardigans).
And anyway, I totally don’t NEED anything new… it’s just nice to have. 😉

Foxy Fall

Foxy Fall

Dang bros, so I hate when things I've connected from the back end update my other stuff without telling me, but hey, let's use this as an excuse to update my dear, neglected BLOG. Poor blog, so neglected and dusty.

I've been playing around on Polyvore a little during lunch, and what I like to do most on Polyvore is create outfits with things I already own, or close proximates. Obviously I don't own $185 jeans. Or Toms (yet?). But I do have that fox sweater (alas, it has disappeared from the website, only a week after I bought it, but the owl and sheep ones are still there) and I have that giraffe scarf, purchased at Target in Pinole about a year ago. This may be my casual Friday outfit. Or maybe SPARKLEPYRES PART 4 outfit on Saturday (did Malvina and I get advanced tickets to see the last installment of Twilight? MAYBE).

I don't even know what to talk about, it's been so long since I updated. 

I've mostly been working around the house and being busy doing other things, like working on OPERATION HOME IMPROVEMENT, which stalled rather impressively with the delivery of a new china hutch that I felt compelled to paint turquoise. With that done, and one closet cleaned out, I now have to clean up the living room A LOT and vaccuum A LOT all of the dust and paint detritus of various projects I've been working on around the house. I did remember after the hutch adventure that I totally hate painting. Good times! But the hutch looks nice. 

I got a Melmer for my nail polishes, which are now stored in the cleaned out closet over my linens situation. I filled up the entire Melmer in one go so now I need another one; I'm just waiting for another 50% off coupon for Michael's to drop in on me. I suspect with Black Friday next week (already!) that I will get lucky. I read somewhere that a Melmer holds like 400 nail polishes. I don't think that's true, but I stopped counting after 250. (Basically I've been spending my yarn money on nail polishes this year.)

Speaking of nail polishes, I went slightly nuts this month and got a bunch of Deborah Lippmann sets and some other things (my first Cult Nails purchase!). In the next few months and particularly next year I will be tightening my belt and not buying stuff so I am basically having a last hurrah before having no fun. Or rather, buying less stuff than usual. *cough*cough* Also it's almost Christmas and I need to stop buying nail polish and finish up getting Christmas presents. Here's what I got so far (that I could find pics of.) (Because I got like four of the China Glaze holiday collection and I found some stuff on sale places…)

November '12 Nail Polish Haul (so far)

Haha, I'm the worst. 

Till next time folks! 😛

Post-Rapture Fashion Discussion

I hope you all survived the supposed Rapture. (What must it feel like to believe that the Rapture is coming and then not get taken away to heaven? It must be pretty disappointing. Let's hope these cult guys don't go the way of Heaven's Gate, you know?) I've always been a little suspicious of these end-of-times declarations, because aren't there supposed to be specific signs of its approach? I don't think you can plan on the Rapture, y'all.

Anyway, so Post-Rapture – Malvina came over on Sunday and we headed out to Brentwood to the DSW; it was kind of a bust – I did see a pair of shoes I liked a lot but they only had one in my size and they were kind of chipped in the patent leather. Which I wouldn't have cared about for $10 but for $40, nope.

We had some good discussions about their plans for their upcoming nuptials (next year) in which I am serving as maid-of-honor. Awhile back we went to David's Bridal and I tried on a ton of dresses. We actually found one that had not been an original contender because it was strapless, and both Malv's sister and I are not fans of strapless. I think it's this one (though I thought it had pockets). It was actually really flattering and we were both surprised that I liked it because A) I am not a big fan of dresses and B) I am REALLY not a fan of strapless. I also figure I can knit myself a nice lace shrug or something should we go with it.

ANYHOODLE the big question on my mind is:


Bridesmaids Dress Dilemma

Bridesmaids Dress Dilemma by pynnski featuring gold heels

I am in the nude shoe camp, Malvina is in the black shoe camp. I tend to think that the black sandals might make the look too "heavy/hard" (does that make sense?)  Or, hmmm, maybe too rockabilly when there is definitely a princess theme going on in the grander scheme of things? 😉


Malvina mentioned that two of the venues they liked are kind of historical in nature, so if they went with those, maybe something with more of a vintage appeal would work. (I'm thinking in particular like a heeled Mary Jane or something in a softer color?) Like something vaguely 1920s or 1930s. I wonder if a blush pink would look nice with the brighter pink of the dress. Hmmm.

At the end of the day I can't walk in any of the shoes posted above, so it's kind of a moot point. Not super sure what should be worn with this dress, but I kinda heart the idea of elongating my stubby legs with the nude shoes (as high as I can go, which is not that high but whatevs).

I also put together a couple of jewelry choices for this dress – I really like the idea of a cascading necklace like the silver one. Maybe with pearls or something (I'm making the jewelry for the wedding party I think? Right? I've had a tough year and can't remember, haha. If not, I'm cool with that too.) I might make up some mock jewelry to play around with it. I think a contrasting metal will look best – too much pink could be a little overwhelming. I'll have to put together a mini shopping list for the November BABE! show when I can pick up some beads for it. Obviously I'm thinking into the future here…

Thoughts? Suggestions? Hand-slapping for over-thinking this? Hah! 🙂

Sometimes I feel like their wedding is so far away from now, but man, the way the last year and a half have rocketed by, it will be here before we know it!

UPDATE: What about these Fluevogs??? (I so need an excuse to buy a pair, you guys!)