FASHION FRIDAY: Things I don’t have but would like to have

  1. Black boyfriend cardigan, preferably with 3/4 length sleeves. I just cannot find what I’m looking for – may be forced to make it.
  2. Black open-front cardigan
  3. Something lumberjack-ish. I have been toying with weaving a big blanket scarf for myself. We’ll see. If I could find a cute top I would get that too. I love the plaid, just haven’t really found something that I love.
  4. Giants t-shirt. I have an A’s shirt but somehow have not managed to acquire a Giants shirt. Not for lack of trying. I’m also considering knitting an orange and black striped sweater because apparently I am insane.
  5. Turquoise flats. Still haven’t got myself some, if you can believe it. I want to check Kohl’s to see what they might have. DSW didn’t have any.
I don’t do a lot of clothes shopping these days. One of the things that I think is important to consider when you’re investing time and money into something is: do you love it? If you only like it, or it’s just okay, then you probably shouldn’t buy it. So I shall continue my two year quest for the perfect black cardigan that doesn’t rip in the washer (I’m looking at you, Target and Gap cardigans).
And anyway, I totally don’t NEED anything new… it’s just nice to have. 😉

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