Socks for Boo

Knitted some baby socks for the first time for Ms. Boo Belle. The little lady is still a bit too little for them, but the important thing is that they fit, or will fit, eventually:

Yarn: Knitpicks Stroll Handpaints in Tiger (discontinued colorway, sadly)
Needles: Ehhh, 2 US probably??

I also made myself some fingerless mitts out of this yarn earlier this year but I haven't taken a picture of them yet. I will have to do that.


There is a finished object in the house. 

I know, it's been awhile since I've finished a pair of socks, hasn't it? (about a year)

 These are knit out of Knitpicks Felici Sport (Boutique colorway) on US 2.5 needles, 64 inches around. I was completely ridiculous about matching the stripes, and thus the second sock is actually bits and pieces of both skeins so they would match relatively well. It was kind of a pain. BUT I like stripes to match, it's how I roll. The second skein didn't start anywhere near the stripe sequence of the first, I wish they'd be a little more careful about that, it would make my life easier. 

These are the never-ending bluebell rib socks. They are so never-ending I can't remember what yarn they are made of. The colorway is "Peeps" though, and I do heart these socks. I only have 5 more pattern repeats before the toe, and when you are trucking along on the pattern, it moves pretty swiftly. 

Finally, another pair of stripeys:

Knit Picks Felici in what colorway I do not recall (Picnic or Summer or something – the colors are prettier in real daylight) but it is currently available. This one is ribbed and I am trying out a new-to-me technique: afterthought heel! I am interested to see how they turn out and fit because I don't really care for the fit of short-row heels. 

I am working on numerous other socks too, but I will photograph them another time. I am a half-repeat away from the heel turn on the second Bas-Relief sock and I actually turned the heel on one of Abby's rainbow socks, and a pink striped Jaywalker. I don't know when those pairs will be done, though. I'm trying to bust a move on the rainbows, and since I seem to be feelin' the stripes at the moment, I'm hoping to get going on those for real. There is a lot more stripey goodness in my arsenal too, so I'm trying to strike while the iron is hot. 

Work(s) in Progress

Despite all evidence to the contrary, I have, actually, been knitting. I even finished a pair of socks. Too bad they do not match, heh. I have been trying to finish the yellow bluebell rib socks, but I left them at my sister’s a couple of weekends ago and just got them back last weekend, so they are still not done. Since I forgot them, I ramped up work on a couple other pairs.

First up, the Bas-Relief socks from the winter/spring 2011 Knitscene. Very nice socks –

You can probably see that the pattern comes to a point over the instep – that’s my favorite part of the whole thing.

These are knit in Three Irish Girls Adorn sock (colorway a mystery; misplaced the ball band). I like it a lot. I’ll obviously have to give it the old wash’n’wear test, which other yarns I’ve enjoyed knitting with have failed (like Socks That Rock, my god, that stuff felts if you look at it wrong). Being me, I of course made mods: only one pattern repeat on the leg, and gusset decreases on the sole.

THEN I actually managed to knit a vanilla sock out of Knitpicks Felici Sport. Incidentally, the sport version of Felici seems more like fingering weight to me, though yes, heavier than the regular Felici. I love stripes. I can’t believe I managed an all stockinette sock.

I love the colorway (Boutique), it’s so cheerful! This one I kind of messed up the heel a little, but I haven’t done a short row heel in a long time. They work better with striped socks, I think. I did cut the yarn at the heel to maintain the stripe sequence on the leg/foot. Yes, I am that ridiculous. Sometimes I don’t care about the stripes matching, but… mostly I do. Heh.

Finally, here is the shawl I’m working on – the Bellingrath shawl. It is worked in Madelinetosh Sock in an unpronounceable colorway – Leopeditra or something. Yep, lost the ball band! (I’m noticing a trend.) This shawl is easy, but you have to pay attention – the lace is worked on both right and wrong sides, and when you’re working the wrong side, you have to read/interpret the chart from the left to right. Argh!

I’m on the last repeat before the edging. Looking forward to the final product!

I hope I have more time to work on this one this week! Last week I didn’t feel very good and one day had a major nap right after work. I suspect Daylight Savings has messed my internal clock up like whoa because right now it’s midnight and I’m TOTALLY AWAKE, argh argh. Yay work in the morning. A stockinette sock sounds just right, yeah?

I got some awesome new jewelry supplies this weekend, so there will be some more posts about that too. I’m thinking about if I want to designate days of the week to particular posts here, so we’ll see. And I want to get back into drawing, too! Too many interests, so little time…