This, That, the Other Thing

I’ve been pretty busy the last week. I had a Board Meeting, I went into San Francisco to visit a coworker who had a heart attack, etc. But I finally managed to take a picture of the scarf I crocheted the week before last:

Crochet Scarf #3

It’s like the other ones – Noro Kureyon, single crochet into the front loop over about 150-200 stitches. I really like the colors on this one.

And I’ve been working on Spey Valley too:

Spey Valley Progress

Last weekend we went and saw Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day, which was cute, impeccably designed, if a smidge long. I also watched Stardust (absolutely wonderful), 28 Weeks Later (laaaame), and The Hogfather (not half bad, if long).

My latest Netflix was Fido, which is a silly zombie movie that takes place in an alternate 50’s-era reality. I liked it quite a lot! Don’t watch if you are offended by kid zombies. But if you’re a fan of zombie movies, it’s a must-see.

Knitpicks has new colors of their Felici yarn. Never mind that I haven’t used the Felici I already own… I fully ordered some of the new stuff. Heh.

I’m going to the Yarn Boutique today and later I’m meeting Malvina for dinner. Should be a good day!


I am wearing my alpaca socks today and was discussing their awesomeness with Julie in Accounting.

Then Amy, who was listening in, said, “What’s alpaca? Is that like Al Quaeda?”

She was dead serious.

And Julie and I laughed and laughed.

“No,” I said. “It’s kind of like a llama.”

Spey Valley, Bird Boy

New sock on the needles (for my Sock Project):

Spey Valley - WIP

Spey Valley from Knitting on the Road, knit in Plymouth’s Happy Feet. I got this yarn at Rumplestiltskin in Sacramento. The Yarn Boutique has a ton of it right now (and they JUST got a huge shipment of Dream in Color Smooshy, y’all – if I wasn’t all sock yarned up the wazoo post-Stitches, I’d be all over that!). I don’t know that the pattern + yarn = perfect fit, but I like it so I’m going to roll with it. I think the pattern needs a non-variegated yarn, but whatever.

I also drew a picture:


It’s a bird boy. (Um, duh?) It was in the news this last week or so, that some poor kid in Russia was pretty much raised with birds by his mother, who never spoke to him or anything. These kids are generally known as “feral” or “wild” children. You know, like kids raised by wolves or bears or whatever. They almost never grow up and have normal lives, and are lucky if they even learn to speak. I was thinking about what a literal bird boy might look like and this is what popped out.

It’s funny because just before this news story came out, I finished a book called “Magic Hour” by Kristin Hannah that was about a feral child found up in Washington. A stupid name for a good book – not really a subject that you read about too often (or even come across), and there was romance and a minor murder mystery. A smidge contrived towards the end, but easily overlooked by the quality of the writing and story.

In conclusion: I drew a bird boy. I’m going to try to draw at least something once a week. Can’t let the ole degree wither, now can we?