An Admission

I have an admission:

I have a slight problem. You may have noticed it before. Maybe not.

Thy weakness shall show its name in sock yarn.

Clockwise, top left: Trekking Handdyed in Brazil, Dream in Color Smooshy in Visual Purple, Dream in Color Smooshy in Happy Forest, Rio de la Plata in Daffodil

Knitpicks Felici
Clockwise from top left: New Knitpicks Felici colorways in Coney Island, Gelato, Mixed Berries, Provence, and Martinique

I cast on in the Mixed Berries:
Knitpicks Felici - Striped Sock

I’ve never knit in the Felici before (though I own two of the older colorways in Arugula and Aurora), and may I say that the fabric knit on US1 DPNs is outstanding. Soft and smooth. The colors of the new Felici colorways are bright and cheerful, too! Perfect summer socks, I would say.

I’ve been messing around with some Tofutsies in the Undulating Rib pattern from Favorite Socks:
Undulating Rib sock

Aaaand, I purchased a couple more skeins of Malabrigo from Fashion Knit in Nut Creek last week at their moving sale (they are moving to, presumably, cheaper digs over by the Target on YV Road)… 25% off all yarn, hurray! So here is my current Malabrigo collection:
Emerald Blue, Sapphire Magenta, Apple Green, and Sealing Wax

So there you have it, guys. I’ve been acquiring yarn at a sickening rate. I’d feel ashamed, but I don’t understand the concept. Have disposable income, will travel.

At any rate, it’s not like I’m not going to use it. And use it I will, because all the sock yarn scraps are destined to become a Babette! I started a few squares last week while watching a silly boy-witch movie called The Covenant.

Now I’m going to try to watch The Fountain (it’s horrendous! Hugh Jackman, I never thought I’d say this, but THIS IS ALMOST THE MOST BORING MOVIE EVER, after 2001: A Space Odyssey) and knit on Spey Valley, which I am still not done with.


Weirdly enough, creating an M&M based on ME, has made me rather long for an M&M.

Is that some form of latent (delicious) cannabalism?

Me As M&M

I made it here. And I really do have pink Chucks and green gloves. Good times.

Tomorrow: My shameless path down the path to sock yarn whoredom. (I wasn’t quite there yet. Now, I feel I’ve arrived.) I just have to take a million pictures.

Knitting Goals 2008

Since I ditched the old webspace, I also ditched all the old posts on the old blog. I’ve been thinking about what I want to accomplish knitting-wise in 2008 and since I couldn’t remember what I was supposed to be doing this year, I thought I’d post an updated list as of March.


  1. Knit a pair of socks a month. So far, so good. They don’t have to match, or necessarily conform to my Sock Project.
  2. Knit a shawl. I found the shawl I want to make, and it is Laminaria:
    Laminaria Shawl
  3. Knit whatever the hell I want, when I want, for whomever I want (most likely myself), to hell with current projects, etc. It’s a hobby, after all.
  4. Knit a lacey and/or cable hat, like Koolhaas or Foliage.
  5. Knit a pair of wristwarmers and/or gloves. Lord knows I have enough sock yarn to tide me over till 2015.
  6. Maaaaaaybe knit a sweater, like the Simple Knitted Bodice. It turns out I am not really a sweater knitter, so if this goal isn’t met, no big. I might wander about Webs or something to see if I can find a nice colored bamboo yarn to substitute for the silk.

So, that is what I am going to do this year. I am also going to nap a lot, the end.