Twilight, et al

Last week I read the Twilight books by Stephanie Meyer.

Yes, all three.

I’m not a huge fan of vampire books. I suspect I overdosed on the Anne Rice vampire books in high school, and ever since then have not been particularly interested. Also, I’m sorry, but a happily ever after does not, to me, usually entail the hero having to kill the heroine in order to be with her forever. I don’t find vampires to be particularly romantic or inspiring.

Give me a post-apocalypse any day.

So when I tell you that I LOVED the Twilight books, you know where I am coming from.

They don’t strike me as traditional vampires – in fact, Edward and his family only drink the blood of animals, and can go outside in sunlight. They don’t sleep in coffins – they don’t sleep at all.

So, hey, I like some vampires. Mark your calendars.

I really like the haunting writing – it sucks you in and before you know it, you’ve read three five hundred page books in two days. And most importantly, Stephanie Meyer has written, for her first adult novel (the Twilight books are YA), a sci-fi story based on the alien body-snatcher idea.

That kind of falls into a perfect category for me – kinda post-apocalyptic with zombies, kinda. I’ll be there.

Also, for the Twilight movie, they totally cast the guy who played Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter movies as Edward, and that is pretty perfect casting, if you ask me.

ANYWAY, they were good books, and you should read them, even if you have a serious case of vampire ennui like I do.

Lazy Sunday

Not really – I walked about 3.5 miles this morning with my dad. We went to the Lafayette Reservoir, and then walked around Nut Creek in search of a cake pan and then down to the Target and the Farmer’s Market on Locust. My dad got me coffee at Peet’s and a bagel.

You guys know how much I like Starbucks, so it ALMOST pains me to admit that the coffee at Peet’s is superior… though Starbucks has better “junk” drinks, like the white chocolate mocha. Mmm. Anyway.

Now, though, I have been sitting around winding yarn and watching Court TV*. Yesterday I finished the Kaffe Socks:

Finished Kaffe Socks!

They turned out really great and I’m wearing them right now. I am pretty impressed with myself – I whipped them out really fast.

Some of you have been asking about my Sock Project 2008. Er… I am totally going to frog the January socks because they just weren’t fitting right. But for February I drew Shibui/Monkey – and already finished a Monkey. Last night I cast on for the second one. I will totally admit that it is not with the Shibui I was supposed to be using, but hey.

Sock Project 2008: Where I just knit a lot of socks for myself with no particular rules? And occasionally follow my rules? Sounds good to me. I’m making this up as I go along!

And hey, the January sock yarn was Regia, and I just finished a pair of Regia socks, so I’m sort of half-following the rules.

New yarn:


Socks That Rock in (clockwise from top left): Pirate’s Booty, Oregon Red Clover Honey, Knitty Rocks, and Froggin.

I think I’m going to use the Froggin for the “earth” part of Project Spectrum. Right now it is “fire” and I have some Lorna’s Laces in, I believe, the “Flame” colorway, and I think that would be awesome, but I have to finish the Monkeys first. I think it would be cool to have themed socks for the elements in this version of Project Spectrum.

At Stitches next week I’m going to look for other yarns that will fit the water and air parts of the spectrum.

I feel like Mexican food.

*I don’t care if they call themselves Tru TV, it will always be Court TV to me.

New Home

So, I’ve moved the website to a new host. It turns out this is painful on many levels – the wallet, the brain, the former registrar, etc. So, ew. Still not quite done, and not quite ready for all this to go public, but I think it will by the end of the month.

I decided to let the posts on the old host die, simply because upon reading through them the other day, there were really only a couple I would want to save – and I like the feeling of starting over with a clean slate! And there’s always the jackassery of the Livejournal, if you are so inclined. My LJ goes back to 2003, I think.

So, anyway, here we are at a new domain, with a version of WordPress that I haven’t broken, and a new webhost that seems to actually function! It is good times abounding, people, good times.

And: an almost completed pair of socks, can you dig it?

Regia Socks Progress

I’m going to kick back with my latest disc from Netflix (Big Love, Season 2, Disc 3) and work on these this weekend. Can’t wait to finish them up! It’s been over a year since I seriously knit on self-striping yarn, and I’d forgotton how darned fast it knits up. I’m very pleased with these; they’re almost an exact match.